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Post by ArthisLanguine on Mon Apr 08, 2013 2:44 pm

I created this post for people who are using tactics in warfare, being a tactician myself, I decided that this may prove useful.

One such tactic is a distract or decoy tactic. Hit them with a main force hard straight in the front, and get a smaller, faster force in on the sides. Use two smaller forces for maximum efficiency. The front push must not be let up however, for if the enemy is then allowed to fight off the main force, their attention will be drawn the smaller raiding parties.

All tactics that work decently in warfare that are posted here I will put in a manual which I am going to develop for RDA Generals.


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Re: Strategies.

Post by Slush2000 on Mon Apr 08, 2013 5:14 pm

Funny you say this. I remember in the height of the Vak war, They had raided our capital the server was flooded with vaks, when I got there, there was only one other RDA trooper, 2 RDA to 15+ Vak. we were stuck at spawn island with no escape, yet we kept fighting so much that all the other vaks in the area felt the need to wander off back to spawn island leaving the main capital unguarded. While the other soldier was creating a distraction, I snuck off, tight-roping my way back to the capital on my way there. when I had gotten across it was simple from there out now all the vaks want back the back but they were no match for the bottle neck. They were all lined up one by one ready to have a bullet put through their head. Soon enough we Had won the raid and we had defended capital from any further harm.

(Now a days, people [me, Joe, ect.] just exploit the hover tanks and make them into flying tanks, it's unfair but I love it.)

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